Wed, Jul 19 - 22, 2023


July 19, Rounds 1-2, (10 am, 3 pm)

July 20, Rounds 3-4, (10 am, 3 pm)

July 21, Rounds 5-6, (10 am, 3 pm)

July 22, Rounds 7, (10 am)

*Players who finish their games late are guaranteed a 45 minute break between games.


90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1.


$225 before 10 pm, May 1, 2023

$250 before 10 pm, June 1, 2023

$275 after June 31, 2023

Under 8 years old, under 10, under 12, under 14, under 16, and under 18. Open and Girls sections.
Under 8: born after Jan 1, 2015
Under 10: born after Jan 1, 2013
Under 12: born after Jan 1, 2011
Under 14: born after Jan 1, 2009
Under 16: born after Jan 1, 2007
Under 18: born after Jan 1, 2005

        Qualification through a sanctioned CFC youth qualifier tournament is mandatory for participation in the CYCC.        


Canadian players must have a valid CFC membership, it is $28 for Albertans, and the fees are different for other provinces.
Please refer to the CFC membership website for fees and renewal procedure:
Members of the Quebec Chess Federation require a valid FQE membership (no CFC membership required)


Trophies for each section

The FIDE WYCC, WCCC, PanAmerican Youth and North American Youth are international youth chess tournaments.

The champion of each section become the official representatives to WYCC and WCCC and will be sponsored by the CFC! In addition, the top three players, including those tied for 2nd and 3rd also may participate in the WYCC or WCCC. They may also qualify to play in the Pan American Youth Chess Championship and the North American Youth Chess Championship.

1. 2023 World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC) for U14, U16 & U18 in Montesilvano, Italy from Nov 12 – 25, 2023.

2. 2023 World Cadet Chess Championship (WCCC) for U08, U10, U12 in Egypt.

3. 2024 Pan American Youth Chess Championship.

4. 2024 North American Youth Chess Championship.

For all Official Players’ benefits, refer to chess post on CFC Chess Forum announcements.

Note: The sponsorship to play in the WYCC/WCCC /PanAm Youth/NA Youth are the responsibility of the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) and are covered by the youth fund payment of $150 per CYCC player which is collected by the organizer and forwarded to the CFC. As a result, the organizer of CYCC bears no responsibilities for this beyond that payment which is part of the entry fee for CYCC.  CFC has the right to change sponsorship amounts and benefits to players so confirm all amounts and details directly with CFC. Please direct all questions to the CFC Youth Coordinator,

Disclaimer: Top three finishers must carry a Canada Flag under FIDE to represent Canada in international tournaments, or will otherwise be ineligible to qualify via CYCC.

Forfeit after 30 minutes.

CFC rating used.  For those who don’t have a CFC ratings, FIDE rating will be used.

Please check your FIDE ratings at


1. Head to Head
2. Buccholz Cut 1
3. Buccholz
4. Most Blacks
5. Most Wins
(prize money is added and divided evenly between tied players)

2 half point byes in the first 6 rounds if requested with entry.

The Appeals Committee shall be formed prior to the start of the first round.
Any appeals must be submitted in writing one (1) hour of the completion of the round, and shall he accompanied by deposit of $100.
If the appeal is successful the deposit shall be returned.

Wed, Jul 19 - 22, 2023


Sheraton Cavalier Hotel
2620 32 Ave NE, Calgary


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